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    Meet The Teacher Ideas That Would Get An A

    Growing up, my mom was an elementary school teacher. And every year about this time, she would get so incredibly excited to meet her new classroom of kids. It was always her favorite to come up with a few clever meet the teacher ideas and she always swore that developing a connection with your class on the first day of school is what set you up for success in the long term. Here are a few of her tried and true meet the teacher ideas. These are so fabulous that they would definitely get an A. Meet The Teacher Ideas That Would Get An A Hold A Classroom Scavenger Hunt…

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    12 Gift Ideas Perfect for Kids 

    For kids who love to read, or even just like bedtime stories, a book is the perfect gift solution! Make sure to get them a book based on their reading level, as it would be super disappointing to receive a book that you were unable to read! You cannot go wrong with getting toys for your kids. Anything from action figures to dolls to building blocks. Add to their collection so that they have more things to play with! Of course, if your kid’s toy collection has already grown out of hand, a toy chest is a perfectly acceptable gift solution! Coloring books are loved by adults AND kids, so…

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    10 Crafts for Rainy Days (with Kids!)

      You can still play golf when it’s raining, just play it indoors! It’s fun yet challenging to try to get the balls in the holes. Each one is worth a different set of points! You can make the target box and then play together.   Why not have a rain themed craft when it’s raining? Cotton ball clouds are fun without making a huge mess. The raindrops are also so cute to thread together and your kids will be able to enjoy the rain from indoors. This craft is fun and turns out so cute too! Using black paper, have your kids apply white Elmer’s glue in the shape of…

  • 10 Tips for Keeping Kid's Bathrooms Cleaner
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    10 Tips for Keeping Kid’s Bathrooms Cleaner

    If you have kids, then you know how hard it can be to keep their bathroom clean. If you’re lucky enough to have a separate bathroom for your kids, then you can sometimes let the mess slip even longer since you don’t go in there as much. Either way, here are a few tips to help keep your kids’ bathroom cleaner. Rack Get a rack for the towels to hang on. This will stop the towels from ending up on the ground and getting spread all over the bathroom. You can also assign certain hooks to each kid so they have their very own space. Counter Space Economizing counter space…

  • 25 of the BEST Valentine Boxes Ever (1)
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    25 of the BEST Valentine Boxes Ever

    With Valentine’s Day the next big holiday just around the corner, it’s time to start planning your kids’ classroom Valentine boxes! Here are just a few fun and creative ideas that you can use when helping your kids decorate for their classroom party! Mailbox This is a great Valentine’s box and really goes great with any kind of child and any kind of setting. You can decorate the mailbox however you want and make it whatever size is necessary. Classic Love If you want something simple and easy, then try the classic love box. You can make it in the shape of a heart or, if you want even easier,…

  • 11 Easy Chore Chart Systems that Work!
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    11 {Easy} Chore Chart Systems that Work

    Getting my kids to do their chores is like pulling teeth! It’s nearly impossible. As I’ve been trying to motivate my kids to help around the house, I’ve found some really amazing chore charts to keep chores organized. Some of these you can buy, others are easy DIYs. I hope you find a chart system that works for your family and motivates your goods! Good luck! Abbie’s House on Etsy sells that most adorable chore charts that are super easy for kids to use. The magnets have picture on them which symbolizes the different chores kids are responsible for. When they’ve completed the chore, they get the satisfaction of moving their…

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    10 Easy Science Projects for Kids

    My kids love experimenting with science projects, and I love spending time with them learning! Fun activities that are also educational activities are a win-win for everyone. I’ve collected some of my favorite easy science projects for kids from around the web. These are great for rainy days to keep things interesting, easy, and educational! I hope you find a couple that work for your family. Rainbow Jar This rainbow jar is sure to excite and entertain your kids for a while. Playdough to Plato has all the details on how to make this colorful jar. Make sure you have enough supplies for everyone–I know my kids will each want to make…

  • 10 Fun Toddler Easter Basket Ideas
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    10 Fun Toddler Easter Basket Ideas

     This year, try filling your toddler’s Easter basket with sugar-free treats! Instead of giving your toddler a sugar-high, try giving them some organic snacks and fruits. You can supplement the treats with small toys from the dollar store.  I’ve compiled some of the best ideas for sugar-free treats and toys for toddlers on the following pages.   1. If you need to put together an Easter basket for your toddler at the last minute, fill plastic eggs with some of their favorite snacks that you already have at home. Catherine, from Right Start Blog, suggests filling eggs with bunny crackers, fruit snacks, or Cheerios.   2. Dusty, from Allthingsgd.com came up…

  • 22 Amazing Easter Basket Ideas
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    22 Amazing Easter Basket Ideas

    There are so many cute ways to be creative with Easter Baskets.  I think that must be what I love about it:)  Here are some great ideas for Easter Baskets that are really thinking outside the “basket” I found these bunny baskets, inspired by Mary Catherine, and absolutely couldn’t resist. With just some cute paper, gift bags, string, some markers and glue, these bunny bags will fit treats of all kinds. I call these “Dana” baskets, as the cute idea comes from her darling blog. These personalized baskets can be decorated in any way you want, and filled with all manner of Easter happiness. Dana has some fun ideas pictured, but the possibilities…

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    14 Creative Valentine Ideas for Kids

    It’s that time of year again, when you need to buy Valentines for all your kids’ classmates. Why not involve the kids more in MAKING Valentines? Check out these cute homemade designs: “I’m so glad we’re in the same school” Image printed and placed in a plastic bag or plastic wrap with Goldfish crackers. Tied with a ribbon. Idea from Blissfully Domestic. “You’re my main squeeze” Tag attached to a squeeze pouch snack. Maybe you could use Go-Gurts or Capri Suns too? Another cute idea from Blissfully Domestic. “Bubble, bubble, pop, pop, Valentine you make my heart drop” Tag attached to a bubble wand—even has a heart on the handle! Idea from…