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10 Easy Science Projects for Kids

My kids love experimenting with science projects, and I love spending time with them learning! Fun activities that are also educational activities are a win-win for everyone. I’ve collected some of my favorite easy science projects for kids from around the web. These are great for rainy days to keep things interesting, easy, and educational! I hope you find a couple that work for your family.Science projects, projects for kids, rainy day kid activities, kid activities, popular pin, parenting hacks.

Rainbow Jar

This rainbow jar is sure to excite and entertain your kids for a while. Playdough to Plato has all the details on how to make this colorful jar. Make sure you have enough supplies for everyone–I know my kids will each want to make their own. It’d also be fun to collect a bunch of different sized jars so you can make a lovely display of your kids’ activity.

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Cloud Foam

 Kids will go crazy over this growing foam! Asia from Fun at Home with Kids has complete directions for this messy experiment. The end product in This one is fun and colorful, but make sure you’ve got towels on hand to clean up the mess!

science 2


Magic Milk

 Laughing Kids Learn  has an excellent tutorial for what they call “Magic Milk.” First you fill a bowl with milk, then place drops of different colored food coloring in the milk. Next, the science part happens: squirt some dishwashing liquid in the milk to see some beautiful and colorful chemical reactions take place!



Traveling Water

I love how simple yet cool this experiment is! All you do is place water in the bottom of several glass jars and add different food colorings to each jar. Then you take a long paper towel and drape it though the jars. Your kids will love to see the water “travel” through the paper! Thanks Megan from Coffee Cups and Crayons for the beautiful experiment!

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Glow-In-The-Dark Surprise

 Crystal from Growing a a Jeweled Rose has a fantastic tutorial for a glow-in-the-dark experiment. Fill a tray with glow-in-the-dark-water (you can make it by placing neon highlighters in water). Then place drops of baby oil in the water. The water and oil will react and create beautiful bubbly designs. Of course, this experiment works best in the dark.

science 5


 Homemade Crystal Geodes

I can’t believe how beautiful these homemade crystal geodes are! My kids are going to love making these. Feels Like Home has an ingenious tutorial for growing these crystal geodes. Although it takes a bit of preparation, this is an awesome activity if you have a free afternoon with your kids and need a little entertaining!

science 6


Frozen Hands

I get a kick out of these colorful frozen hands! With just salt, water, gloves, and a freezer, your family can make some impressive silly hands! You’ll need to freeze these fingers overnight, but the result is so worth it. Thank  Happy Hooligans  for coming up with such an innovative idea! I’m going to try my “hand” at this project soon.  😉

science 7


Magnetic Toy

It seems to be a universal truth that children are fascinated by magnets. This clever activity harnesses your kids’ curiosity while simultaneously making use of the pipe cleaners you have laying around.  Kate from Laughing Kids Learn has posted a tutorial to make a special toy so kids can be playing with magnetism and pipe cleaners all day. Have fun with this one!

science 8


Aspirin Crystals

Who knew that Aspirin plus water plus water plus darkness equals something so beautiful and freaky! Science Experiments for Kids shared an awesome tutorial for growing these crystals using material you have at home. This is one educational activity you won’t want to miss.

science 9


Dancing Worms

Noirin from Playdough Plato came up with a creative way to get gummy worms to dance around. This is a great experiment to try with younger kids who will be fascinated by worms swimming through a jar of water. Just make sure you save enough gummy worms for a snack afterwards. Good luck with your scientific activities!

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