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    Meet The Teacher Ideas That Would Get An A

    Growing up, my mom was an elementary school teacher. And every year about this time, she would get so incredibly excited to meet her new classroom of kids. It was always her favorite to come up with a few clever meet the teacher ideas and she always swore that developing a connection with your class on the first day of school is what set you up for success in the long term. Here are a few of her tried and true meet the teacher ideas. These are so fabulous that they would definitely get an A. Meet The Teacher Ideas That Would Get An A Hold A Classroom Scavenger Hunt…

  • 10 DIY Homework Stations for Back to School - Back To School, Back to School Homework Stations, Homework Stations, DIY Homework Stations, Homework Organization, Back to School Projects.
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    10 DIY Homework Stations for Back to School

      Back-to-school is less than a month away in my area, and I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a LITTLE excited! I’ve loved all of the free time I’ve had with my kiddos, but I kind of long for the hours of silence! My kids have always been pretty good about doing their homework, when I started them! This year, I’m determined to make my kids great at self-starting, and I think these DIY homework stations will provide my kids with just the homework-starting inspiration I was looking for! Simply Organized has a great homework station for you, especially if you are short on space! This homework…