8+ EDIBLE Science Projects for Kids

    Are you a fan of science projects for kids? I thought so! These edible science projects for kids are education, fun, and well edible. If you’re looking to entertain a kid or two this weekend, you can’t go wrong with one of the ideas below: Homemade butter is delicious, and a science experiment! Talk about liquids turning into solids, or maybe even make this less science-oriented and more history oriented! Either way you’ll get a tasty dinner side. Sherbet is good, but fizzy sherbet is even better! Think Pop Rocks but better… When your kids love gummies, but you don’t turn the store bought versions…make your own instead! Bring the kiddos in…

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    10 Easy Science Projects for Kids

    My kids love experimenting with science projects, and I love spending time with them learning! Fun activities that are also educational activities are a win-win for everyone. I’ve collected some of my favorite easy science projects for kids from around the web. These are great for rainy days to keep things interesting, easy, and educational! I hope you find a couple that work for your family. Rainbow Jar This rainbow jar is sure to excite and entertain your kids for a while. Playdough to Plato has all the details on how to make this colorful jar. Make sure you have enough supplies for everyone–I know my kids will each want to make…