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12 Gift Ideas Perfect for Kids 

gifts for kids, gifts for him, gifts for her, DIY gift ideas, Christmas gifts, cheap christmas gifts, DIY Christmas gifts, gift ideas for kids, popular pin, Christmas.


For kids who love to read, or even just like bedtime stories, a book is the perfect gift solution! Make sure to get them a book based on their reading level, as it would be super disappointing to receive a book that you were unable to read!


You cannot go wrong with getting toys for your kids. Anything from action figures to dolls to building blocks. Add to their collection so that they have more things to play with! Of course, if your kid’s toy collection has already grown out of hand, a toy chest is a perfectly acceptable gift solution!


Coloring books are loved by adults AND kids, so this is a great gift idea! Coloring books are a fun way to express creativity, and studies show that they even help to reduce stress and anxiety. Choose a theme that your child will love like dinosaurs, princesses, or anything else (they even make Harry Potter themed coloring books!)  There are themed coloring books for virtually anything. Get them a set of colored pencils or crayons as well. What’s a coloring book without a set of new coloring utensils?


For creative kids who love to make arts and crafts, a set of arts and craft supplies would be perfect! You could get them pens, pencils, markers, paint, and anything else they’re in need of. Here is a link to my favorite set of assorted craft supplies. They’ll be able to make anything!


If you have a kid who is a picky eater, then this gift is probably great for them (and even you!)  A themed dinner supply kit could be just the thing that makes eating more fun. Get this adorable construction themed set here. 


Kids love to play with Legos and building blocks, and these light up Legos could be the highlight of their holiday season! I had no idea that they even made these, and I’m considering purchasing a set for myself!  It’s such a fun twist that they’ll definitely love! Purchase the light up Legos here.


Get your kids excited for bath time with a ball track play set. You just attach them to the wall and let your kids play with them when taking a bath. A win-win for both of you!


If your child is old enough, then get them a video game or electronic. Many of my kids grew up playing Leap Frog tablets (I swear, this is how my kids learned about the solar system!) , and it’s absolutely amazing to see how far technology has come. Of course, if your child already has a gaming system, you can’t go wrong with getting them a new game!

Nintendo Themed Stuffed Animals

Every kid loves stuffed animals, right? So get one for your son or daughter. You can even get a few if your child really, REALLY loves stuffed animals. Of course, with all those stuffed animals comes a lot of clutter! Get them this stuffed animal  hammock to help keep their  stuffed animal stash clean and organized.


Get your kids a great present and get them outside with chalk! They’ll love to color all over the sidewalk and driveway and it’ll get them in the sun and fresh air! Of course, this isn’t always possible in the winter time, so get them a chalkboard too!


Don’t all kids just love bikes? If your child doesn’t have one yet, this Christmas might be the perfect opportunity to get them one! You can get second hand bike for relatively inexpensive, and Target almost always has their bikes on sale come Black Friday. Anything to get them up off the couch!


It seems like all young kids have their favorite movie that they can watch over and over again. Seriously, my son watched Finding Nemo everyday for a year. DVDs are inexpensive, so get them a few of their favorites. You could always put together a gift basket with movie themed snacks if you wanted to make the gift even more special.

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