12 Football Season Snack Ideas

12 Perfect Football Party Snacks

It is my favorite time of year!!  I love football season!  One of my favorite things about football, of course, is the yummy snacks to make. Here are 12 great snack ideas for your football get-togethers!

15 CHEAP DIY Centerpiece Ideas

15 CHEAP Centerpiece Ideas

Currently, the only thing adorning our table is kids school papers and unread mail. I’m dying to make an awesome centerpiece to make the dining room a bit more welcoming. As I searched for great ideas, these were some of…

7 Fun Glow Stick Ideas

Glow sticks are so much fun and who knew they were so versatile?  The fun doesn’t have to end with trick-or-treating or the 4th of July… Here are some really fun ideas you can do with glow sticks: