10 Fun Things to Do with Embroidery Hoops

10 Fun Things to Do with Embroidery Hoops

Watch out, mason jars!  Embroidery hoops are moving in on your crafty territory.  There are so many adorable crafts and projects you can make with embroidery hoops.  Check out these great projects for that leftover hoop you never used 🙂

7 No-Sew Pillow Projects

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Sewing isn’t for everyone and that includes me:)  I like to dabble but I really like the idea of making pillows without having to thread my needle.

7 Clever Craft Room Organizers

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 I have DIY and craft supplies coming out my ears these days, and I have a husband that likes things organized.  I mean- so do I, but he REALLY likes things organized.  Why is craft stuff so hard to keep…

{EASY} DIY Chore Systems that Work

{EASY} DIY Chore Systems that Work

My kids are the BIGGEST stinkers about doing their chores!  If they would actually work, they could have them done in all the time they spend whining about it.  Anyone else have this problem?  I have needed some way to…

12 Gifts He Won’t Want to Take Back

Hands down, the hardest people for me to buy gifts for are my husband and my father. Why are there no go-to gifts like there are for women? Here are some ideas to hopefully help!