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DIY Thanksgiving Door Garland Ideas

I’m hosting the Thanksgiving festivities this year, and I can’t wait to go all out when decorating my house. One of my favorite things to do when decorating my home for Thanksgiving is to make DIY garlands. You can put a garland anywhere, on the edge of a table, across a fireplace, and even on your door! In fact, I spent this weekend making my own DIY Thanksgiving door garland out of pinecones from my yard. It was super easy to create and I think it turned out awesome. If you’re looking for a cute decoration idea for Thanksgiving, try out one of these easy-to-make DIY Thanksgiving door garland ideas.

Welcome your Thanksgiving guest with a Thanksgiving door garland that shows how festive your personality is. Rich fall colors draped around your door make your home feel welcoming. Go ahead and take a look at these ideas. You'll be thankful you did.

Thanksgiving Door Garland Ideas

If you're in charge of the Thanksgiving festivities this year, you'll want your house to be perfect. Here are some amazing DIY Thanksgiving door garland to welcome your guests.

Pinecone Garland

As I mentioned above, I spent last weekend making my own Thanksgiving door garland out of twine and pinecones. It was super simple to create, I just wrapped twine around the pinecones (hiding them under the pinecone scales) and continued until my garland was complete. I thought about adding in some little decor pieces like dried leaves or berries, but I think I will attach those when Thanksgiving Day is a bit closer. This door garland works great both inside and out.

Light Up Garland

This project is one of my favorites. Blow up a small balloon (I’m talking small, no bigger than the palm of your hand) and create a runny glue/water mixture. Dip pieces of yarn or twine into this mixture and wrap them around your balloon tightly. Set them out to dry and pop the balloon once the glue has dried. Now that your yarn balls are complete, string them on some string lights for an adorable Thanksgiving door garland. All that’s left now is to hang it up! This is best as an indoor garland.

Having the perfect Thanksgiving decor is important for setting the festive mood. Here are some amazing Thanksgiving door garland for your decor.

Deco Mesh Wreath

Use long, thick pieces of deco mesh (in Fall colors, of course) to create your own garland. Begin by draping it around the frame of your door, attaching it to the frame with little decor hooks. Once attached, tie off the gauze with ribbon and fluff the mesh for a fuller look. Pair the garland with a fall wreath for a perfect Thanksgiving look. Full tutorial here.

Outdoor Thanksgiving Door Garland

The door garland below is absolutely beautiful, and using the right materials it’s possible to make it on your own. I recommend using thick wire ribbon as the base of the garland, filling the space in with pumpkins, bows, pieces of straw, or any kind of another accessory that you see fit. Or, if you’d rather not spend all of the time and effort DIYing it, you can purchase the very garland pictured below here.

Welcome your guests to your home this fall with these amazing Thanksgiving door garland ideas. Your porch will be the talk of the neighborhood.

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