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DIY Thanksgiving Treat Bags For Young And Old

Thanksgiving is only about a month away and I’ve already started planning my family dinner. I am hosting 30+ this holiday, so things are getting a little bit chaotic and stressful this year. I’m DIYing most of my decorations, and recently I got the idea to send my guests home with a DIY Thanksgiving treat bags. I had so many different patterns to choose from and I sent them to my friend for her advice. And the first thing she said was that she wants to make some for her classroom of students! No matter your age, a Thanksgiving treat bag is always appreciated. Here are some ideas to make your own.

Show off how thankful you are with these adorable Thanksgiving treat bag ideas from My List Of List. These cute and easy ideas work for adults, kids, friends, and classmates. Discover how creative you can be with the fun designs that make everyone feel appreciated. #thanksgivingtreatbags #thanksgivinggiftideas

Thanksgiving Treat Bags For Kids

My kids love bright and colorful things, so I think these will be perfect for the table this year. Though no one probably needs to eat anymore at the conclusion of the day, a little candy is always appreciated. Fill it with favorites like gummy worms, jelly bellies, and even lemon heads.

If filling them with candy isn’t the route for you, filling it with fun Dollar Store games is always a hit. Bouncy balls, squishy hands, and mini coloring books (with crayons of course) are good ideas. These are especially a hit if the intended recipient is headed out to another dinner at a boring relative’s right after yours.

Have you ever given out Thanksgiving treat bags? They are a great way to make people extra grateful! Here are some ideas for Thanksgiving treat bags.

Thanksgiving Treat Bags For Adults

I like to make the treat bags for adults a little bit larger so you can fit more of the good stuff in. And while candy (as I mentioned before) is always a welcomed gift, I like giving the people what they want: RECIPES OR LEFTOVERS. I don’t mean to toot my own horn, but my stuffing and mashed potatoes are always the hit of the party. I love to share leftovers and recipes. If you have a dish item that you’re known for, consider giving out your secret with a goody bag full of leftovers and the recipe. You can purchase large burlap bags for the totes. Or, you can make your own to cut down on plastic waste if that matters to you.

Have you ever sent your guests home from Thanksgiving with Thanksgiving treat bags? You should! Here are some amazing Thanksgiving treat bags you can DIY.

Thanksgiving Treat Bags For The Class

Teachers aren’t allowed to give the students homemade goods where I live. So something like the idea below would be a perfect option for classrooms. Alternatively, fill with little school supplies. Think things like pencil top erasers, holiday pencils, or other goodies. If you’re spending money on your class, may as well make it count right? Get the cute labels from here.

Thanksgiving treat bags are the perfect gifts for your guests this Thanksgiving. Here are some ideas for your guests, weather they're young or old.

Thanksgiving Treat Bags Favors

If you love the idea of giving out Thanksgiving treat bags, but aren’t sure what to fill it with, check out the list below.

-Homemade pumpkin cookies

-Caramel popcorn

-Hot chocolate mix and smaller bags of toppings

Fall potpourri

-Mini homemade pies

-Homemade caramel apples

Who doesn't love a delicious treat bag? Here are some amazing Thanksgiving treat bags to send your guests home with this Thanksgiving.

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