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9 Weeds You Should Be Eating (Really)

You’re probably thinking: “who is this insane woman and does she really think that any of us would want to eat weeds?”

I admit…I was a little skeptical about the idea as well, but then I found out about all of the crazy health benefits these weeds provide us with, I definitely came around. This summer, scrounge around your garden for these powerhouse herbs that we know as “weeds.”


Now, I definitely would NOT consider this to be a weed, but I’m sure that some might. Though the leaves taste bitter, Daisies are known for their ability to remedy many an upset stomach.


I’m sure most of us would call this flower a weed, but many don’t know that all parts of the daisy are edible. The leaves may taste a bit bitter, but the flowers can be added to salad and used as a form of coffee beans.

Lamb’s Quarters

For those of you looking for a replacement to spinach, check your garden for  bushel or two of Lamb’s Quarters. You can boil it, or eat it raw in freshly prepared salads. And, it tastes a whole lot like Spinach!


Not to be confused with the tasty fruit, Plantain leaves are usually ground up and used to make flour. Additionally, they aren’t half bad in salads! When I would camp a lot as a kid, we would do all sorts of things with these leafy greens!


You’ve probably heard of a Watercress salad, and you may have even ordered one at some point in your life. It’s actually a weed, a tasty weed best eaten when raw. I know what I’m ordering the next time I go out…


Did you know that this weed has one of the highest levels of Omega 3 fatty acids in any vegetable? Really! Sauttee this plant before eating; the peppery flavor makes a great addition to many sautteed dishes!

Garlic Mustard

This plant is considered invasive in many regions, but it is actually a terrific source of Vitamins A and C. Add to salads, soups, or mashed potatoes for a rich flavoring!


Obviously you’ll want to save those four leafed clovers for good luck, but use the three leafed clovers when making tea. Their leaves taste incredible when brewed. Additionally, Clovers are known to bring more honeybees to your yard. Don’t get rid of the “weed” instead, leave it for the bees!

Curly Dock

Curly Dock leaves are high in vitamin C and Zinc. Keep this plant in mind if you are ever in a life-threatening situation! Boil the stems or dry the seeds to eat this weed.

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