7 DIY Lip Balm Recipes that are Awesome
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7 DIY Lip Balm Recipes that are Awesome

Lip balm is one of my favorite little things. It comes in so many different flavors, and some are so good I just want to eat them! It’s so hard to pick just one flavor, so I like to experiment and make my own. That way I can try lots of different combinations. I think anyone can agree that it’s a great gift for almost anyone! Here are some of my favorite recipes for lip balm. Hope you find a good one!

7 DIY Lip Balm Recipes that are Awesome

The Nerdy Farm Wife posted a recipe for making Peppermint Rose Lip Balm. This is such a lovely combinations of scents and flavors. The color is just beautiful and it’s perfect for all seasons. So try this one out!

lip 1

The Paleo Mom posted a lip balm recipe for Spiced Chai. I love this combination–it’s great for autumn. This would be a lovely lip balm to include in an autumn gift basket–maybe with some packets of chai tea!

lip 2

Garden Therapy posted a tutorial for making Hemp & Honey lip balm. This is a very simple and basic scent that is simply lovely. Perfect for summer when you want to feel totally natural. You’ve got to try this one!

lip 3

Food Plus Words posted the recipe for Mint Chocolate lip balm. Can you imagine a better combination? It would be very hard not to lick this right off your lips. This is a lovely recipe that is very natural and simple.

lip 4

Style Me Pretty posted directions for making Kool-aid lip balm. The best part of this lip balm is the variety of colors! Pick your favorite color of Kool-aid or make several batches so that you can try them all!

lip 5

Grit posted a DIY Beeswax lip balm recipe which is all natural and very simple. I especially love the containers for this lip balm! Be creative when you look for lip balm containers. No need to stick to the normal containers!

lip 6

Torie Jayne posted a tutorial for making Hand-made Sparkly Strawberry lip balm. The trick here is adding edible glitter. This would be a perfect present for a girly girl. What could be better than sparkly lip-balm! And the color is to die for!

lip 7

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