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10 Tips for an Easter Egg Hunt With Toddlers

I have incredibly fond memories of each Easter spent with all of my kiddos. It’s a blast to see them grow up, and to see their interests change. When you have young kids, an Easter Egg hunt can seem like a bit of a daunting task, for both parties involved! How lame would it be for your kids if they weren’t able to find eggs on their own? The secret to a fun Easter egg hunt with toddlers lies in a few helium filled balloons. They’ll make the day magical, and I’ll show you how!


The trick to this Easter egg hunt idea is to tie balloons to the eggs, and scatter them throughout the yard. This will allow your kiddos to quickly find the hidden eggs, and the balloons will make for an extra special treat! Plus, don’t these balloons look magical spread throughout the yard?


Tired of your kiddos fighting over the amount of Easter eggs to go around? Color coordinate your Easter Egg hunt! Assign a color of eggs to each of your children, fill their basket with the same color of grass, and leave them a fun note explaining the Easter festivities! This will ensure that there are enough eggs to go around, and your little ones won’t leave empty handed!


Perfect for older kids and young ‘uns alike! Hide a few special “golden” eggs around the house. Instead of filling these golden eggs with ordinary candy, fill them with something a bit more fun instead! Check out this list for great Easter egg filler ideas!


A different take on the balloon idea from a previous slide! This egg hunt is definitely suited for older kids, but with a little help, your toddlers can have just as much fun! Blow up balloons and hide the Easter eggs inside said balloons. Your kids will have to pop the balloons to get to the Easter treats hidden inside!


Hide your Easter Eggs in plain sight with this darling do-it-yourself project from Make and Takes.  All you need are a few green pipe cleaners and a bunch of colorful eggs. You can choose to hide treats inside these fake flowers, or you can sneak a few into your kid’s Easter baskets.


Give Peas a Chance is the mastermind behind this totally genius idea. If you and your family like to do your egg hunt outdoors, try scheduling the hunt a little bit later at night! You can fill the eggs with battery powered tea lights (and candy, of course!) to create a really cool glowing effect. These will be easy to spot, even in the dark. How much fun would this be?

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If running to the dentist a month or two after Easter because of all the sugary candy doesn’t seem appealing to you, try an “active” Egg hunt instead! Eats Amazing has all of the information (and even the printables!) needed to easily create this for your kids. What a great way to let all of that pent up energy loose!


Tot Schooling figured out a really cool way to incorporate a little bit of learning into your Easter fun.


Even the smallest egg hunters will love going on a hunt for their lunch!

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