10 Mind-Blowing Laundry Tips and Tricks
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10 Mind Blowing Laundry Tips and Tricks

Laundry is the bane of my existence, and I bet it’s your’s too. But I’ve posted some laundry tips that are going to change both of our lives! I can’t believe I didn’t know some of these things before now! They’re super useful and they’re going to make my laundry experience a breeze. Hip hip hooray for laundry tricks!

10 Mind-Blowing Laundry Tips and Tricks

Add a Pinch recommends using vinegar for washing your laundry. Yep, that’s right. I’ve never done this before, but many people swear by it. Well folks, I guess it’s time to join the bandwagon. If you want fluffier towels, I think you should join too!

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Pins and Procrastination posted a tutorial for making your own laundry detergent tabs. Making your own detergent may take a little more time, but it will save money and it’s also much healthier for your family. Totally worth it!

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One Good Thing by Jillee says that there is an easy way to un-shrink clothing! I’ve shrunk so many of my favorite clothes, which is one of the reasons I hate laundry so much. With her easy directions, this never has to happen again!

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Clean Mama posted directions for deep cleaning a washing machine with natural cleaning products. It’s impossible to have truly clean laundry without a really clean washing machine. I need to do this more often! I hate when grime builds up, but it doesn’t need to! Visit the website for complete instructions.

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4men1lady came up with a great trick for washing shoes without the crazy loud pounding sound that happens when you put them in the washing machine or dryer. Just tie the laces together and then when you put the shoes in the machine, close the door on the lace. Your shoes will get clean & dry without a single squeak.

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Organizing Made Fun created a chart to help you wash your laundry clean and naturally. This is such a handy chart–everyone needs a copy! One of my favorite tricks for drying clothes is using dryer balls instead of drying sheets. They help make clothes so soft, and they last for so long!

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The Mama’s Girl posted a tutorial for the best way to wash baseball caps without ruining their shape. Instead of putting your hats in the washing machine, you should soak and dry the hat using these directions. Your hats will thank you!!

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Northern Belle Diaries posted a tutorial for easily removing oil stains from your clothes. This trick even works if the oil stains have set! The secret ingredient for stain removal is WD-40 . . . who would have thought! Soon the clothes you thought were ready for the garbage will be good as new!

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Sarah Hearts decided to put a dry erase sign on her dryer to make sure that nothing got put in there that shouldn’t have been. I can’t even count the number of times my husband has accidentally shrunken my clothes or vice versa. This tip would have saved me! Guess I need to hurry and put one of these up in my laundry room!

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  • Angela Almader

    That is awesome. I need to do that to. When I do a bleach load I add 1 cup of baking soda to it to. It helps to get my stains out.

  • Carol Stefanski

    To remove oil or grease stains, even after washing and drying use the following:
    1/3 part water
    1/3 part ammonia
    1/3 part cheap dish soap

    Use toothbrush to brush spot. If large spot, use scrub brush.

    I had a white dress that I had gotten chicken frying grease on it. I washed and dried it having forgotten about the grease. I mixed up this concoction and “brushed” out all the spots, rewashed and redried. They were all removed.

  • Anne

    I use just plain shampoo [no conditioner in it] just the cheapest. Pour it on shirt collars and washable coats etc. Then just wash as usual in machine and presto it works. If shampoo can clean all the oils from your hair it will work on all collars no matter what. Enjoy

  • Cher

    I don’t know what it is but since I got fat (pushing 200 lbs) I keep getting grease spots on my shirts. I know part of it it from cooking but I still end up with stained clothes. I tried the WD40 trick with some success but any others have failed. I want to try this one that uses water, ammonia and dish soap but I have breathing difficulities so breathing in ammonia fumes would would not be good for me. I’ve tried all the commercial products with no success. I can’t afford to buy all new clothes. I need some more suggestions.

    • Faith Trail

      Dawn dish soap works on grease, you can also pour it into washer Only Dawn! I also have found shampoo takes lots of different stains out- ink, lipstick, spaghetti sauce etc. I always try the shampoo first!

    • Sara

      Baby powder just rub it on the grease spot n rub it in a little w your fingers on both sides of the shirt. Leave it over night then just dust off all the excess powder and wash as usual

  • Debbie Taylor

    I’m usually great at getting out stains with homemade solutions. This one has me stumped, I have a very faint stain on my favorite white t-shirt & I never saw it until I dried it. Now I’ve tried everything I know. I’m now trying the dawn, peroxide & baking soda. If this doesn’t work does anyone have any ideas? It’s a stain real light but bugs me, and you can’t see it unless you are in low light. I’ve gotten everything out of this shirt even hot sauce! Now this is a STUMPER!!

  • Joyce

    I use a dish liquid on spot stains. Dampen the area, squirt a little dish liquid on it and rub in. You need to really rub well. I do both sides and then throw in the machine. Got this tip from a chefs mother. Always have it next to the machine. It reminds you.

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