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Fall TO DO List

It’s here! It’s finally here! Fall is FINALLY here! Okay, well not officially, but I saw my first set of leaves turning the other day and that’s good enough for me! Like many people, Fall is one of my very favorite seasons–and not just for Halloween or the cute decorations–Fall chores are the best! I don’t know about you but I love wiping everything down after the Summer has come to an end, the dust is absolutely insane! This season, I’m sharing my Fall to do list with all of you, but it’s not JUST about cleaning, I know how to have a little fun, too! Check out my Fall to do list below:

Clean Your Light Fixtures

This is something that I forget about on a weekly basis–but I always make sure to do it at least four times a year! They gather dust like you wouldn’t believe and clean them at least once a season is a terrific way to reduce seasonal allergies.

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