10 Fun Toddler Easter Basket Ideas
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10 Fun Toddler Easter Basket Ideas

 This year, try filling your toddler’s Easter basket with sugar-free treats! Instead of giving your toddler a sugar-high, try giving them some organic snacks and fruits. You can supplement the treats with small toys from the dollar store.  I’ve compiled some of the best ideas for sugar-free treats and toys for toddlers on the following pages.

10 Fun Toddler Easter Basket Ideas


1. If you need to put together an Easter basket for your toddler at the last minute, fill plastic eggs with some of their favorite snacks that you already have at home. Catherine, from Right Start Blog, suggests filling eggs with bunny crackers, fruit snacks, or Cheerios.

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2. Dusty, from Allthingsgd.com came up with the cute idea of filling plastic eggs with stickers and other small treats. Find Easter-themed stickers at your local dollar store or print customized ones.

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3. A practical, fun, and colorful item to put in your toddler’s Easter basket is a new sippy cup! Since you need more of these anyways, this can be a clever way to make cup-buying a little more exciting. The Kids Activities Blog has some great recommendations for toddler sippy cups.

easter basket ideas for toddlers

4. The Frugal Adventures blog has a great idea for making homemade crayons. Not only would this be a great Easter Basket stuffer, it would also be a fun Easter craft! You can customize the colors to match the other items in the basket, or choose your toddler’s favorite color.

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5. Desiree from The 36th Avenue has a fantastic recipe for homemade play-dough that you could put inside plastic eggs. Once you’ve completed the eggs, fill your toddler’s Easter basket with several different colors for an exciting and long lasting Easter surprise.

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6. Toddlers love bubbles, so what could be better to put in the ultimate toddler Easter basket? Nancy from Do Small Things With Love  has an ingenious recipe for making your own bubble mixture. Decorating the jar of bubbles can add a special touch as well.

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7. If you have a little bit of time on your hands, you could experiment with knitting. The Purl Bee has an excellent pattern for knitting adorable toddler sized socks. You can be as creative as you want, learn a new skill, and contribute to the perfect toddler Easter basket all at the same time!

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8. This recycled kitchenware is perfect for toddlers because of its size and durability. Plus, the colors are absolutely to die for! Once again, this is a practical gift that could help get your toddler excited about eating nutritious foods rather than candy.

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9. If you want to put something in the Easter basket that your toddler will treasure for a long time, consider adding a children’s book. Rebecca from Simple as That has complied a list of Easter and springtime books that would be perfect to give to your toddler.

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10. Jennifer Perkins put together a darling Easter basket complete with a stuffed bunny. Toddlers will be especially excited by such a cozy toy. Filling an Easter basket with several different stuffed animals would be more exciting for a toddler than all the candy in the world.

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