8+ EDIBLE Science Projects for Kids

Are you a fan of science projects for kids? I thought so! These edible science projects for kids are education, fun, and well edible. If you’re looking to entertain a kid or two this weekend, you can’t go wrong with one of the ideas below:

Homemade butter is delicious, and a science experiment! Talk about liquids turning into solids, or maybe even make this less science-oriented and more history oriented! Either way you’ll get a tasty dinner side.

Sherbet is good, but fizzy sherbet is even better! Think Pop Rocks but better…

When your kids love gummies, but you don’t turn the store bought versions…make your own instead! Bring the kiddos in on the action for a Polymer protein activity. I love science that you can eat.

Show your kids how gelatin works with these tasty homemade marshmallows! Or, you know, a simple packet fof jello would probably work too..

This science project is one of my favorite because I love lollipops! Your kids will get to mix and match their favorites to develop the perfect flavor for business marketing. Plus. it’s super yummy.

Show little kids the basic nature of a science reaction with tasty lemonade that fizzes. Use bicarbonate soda to make the magic happen.

Growing sprouts was one of my favorite activities in elementary school and I’m convinced it help foster my green thumb! Introduce your kids to gardening with this fun and interactive sprout garden activity.Pick up a few plastic animals from the Dollar Store so they can create a cool nature scene!

In another fizzy activity, kids can experiment with science by watching gummy worms dance! Use club soda to make this happen.

Learn about surface tension with a slightly cool and slightly disgusting edible project (although I don’t know if you will want to..) Use apples, orange juice, and milk.

I found my science projects for kids here:

Homemade Butter from Little Bins from Little Hands

Fizzy Sherbet from Laughing Kids Learn 

Homemade Gummies from Left Brain Craft Brain

Homemade Marshmallows from Education

Lollipop Lab from Fantastic Fun and Learning 

Fizzing Lemonade Learn Play At Home

Frankenworms from Play Dough to Plato

Surface Tension from Preschool Powol Packets

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