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15 Ways to Haunt Your Home

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15 Ways to Haunt Your Home

The first thing people will see about your house is the front door, so make sure it looks great! You have lots of options for decoration, so just choose something that you like!

15 Ways to Haunt Your Home2

You can also deck out the front windows to make the house look even better from the outside. I like the idea of putting boards across them to make your house look old and abandoned!

15 Ways to Haunt Your Home3

Another option is to put window cutouts on the inside of the windows so that, whenever there’s light, anyone outside will see some cool outlines!

15 Ways to Haunt Your Home4

When you have people over, or if you’re just having a small family gathering, then make some haunted food and brew! Add smoking drinks, scary themed foods, etc.

15 Ways to Haunt Your Home5

Make a garland for your doors, windows, fireplace, or anything else really. You can make it out of pumpkin paper, leaf cutouts, or whatever you think looks best!

15 Ways to Haunt Your Home6

Change your shower curtain out to be a fun Halloween theme! Choose a design that looks great and scary but that also matches the rest of your bathroom décor.

15 Ways to Haunt Your Home7

Add something to your stairs to give them a nice haunted look. It can be small pumpkins with a few pieces of fall foliage, ghosts, or whatever else. Put them on every other step or so.

15 Ways to Haunt Your Home8

Speaking of pumpkins, you can pretty much do anything pumpkin anywhere around the house and you’re good to go. Pumpkins can go inside or outside, be carved or be normal, or even be painted.

15 Ways to Haunt Your Home9

I love this idea! Make any lights look like haunted ghosts by adding just a few pieces of fabric. Drape the fabric so it looks like floating ghosts!

15 Ways to Haunt Your Home10

Have a fun decoration night with your family by making haunted picture frames! You just each make a fun design and put it in a picture frame to hang up.

15 Ways to Haunt Your Home11

Make some funny and scary family tomb stones that you can put in your front lawn to add some decoration. If you don’t want to use your names, then just make some of your own up!

15 Ways to Haunt Your Home12

Get a bunch of bat and bird cutouts and hang them from the ceiling in the hallways. It will be a simple way to add some haunting, but really make your house look great.

15 Ways to Haunt Your Home13

You can’t go wrong with decorative cobwebs in your home. Put them in places that look natural, but that also are obviously decorations.

15 Ways to Haunt Your Home14

Deck out your furniture with all sorts of Halloween and haunting decorations. You can add colored candles, skeletons, or anything else you want!

15 Ways to Haunt Your Home15

An easy way to make your house look both cozy and haunted is by using blankets and pillows! Choose a color, pattern, or design, that is what you’re looking for!

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