How to Save Even MORE Money at the Thrift Store

Are you an avid thrift store shopper? I am too! I love scrounging around all of the clothing racks and piles of disregarded belongings. It’s a great place to find vintage home decor pieces, designer clothing, and pretty much anything else! The thrift store is the perfect place to save a few bucks…and these hacks will help you save even MORE money.

Tip #1: Never shop on Saturday! Shop on Wednesday instead. Shopping in the middle of the week will ensure that you return home with top-notch finds that you didn’t have to weave around people for!

Tip #2: You may feel kind of silly for asking this, but it pays off! The next time you find yourself at the register, ask an employee which day of the week the thrift store restocks. That way, you can plan you trip around when the new stuff will be in!

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  1. Mary
    December 11, 2017 at

    I counot get the sewinghacks to open.I don’t know if it was down on your behalf or just not running for me. Just wanted to let you know.

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