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6 Great Reasons to do Flexibility Training

6 Great Reasons to do Flexibility TrainingAs a follow up to the post about great stretches to improve your flexibility, I thought I ought to have a post about WHY that’s important. I think this will be a first in a series of why certain types of exercises are important. So, without further ado, here are the results of my research:

#1 You don’t need flexibility just to be an acrobat. You need flexibility for every-day activities. The less flexible you become, the more difficult day-to-day tasks become.

#2 Flexibility training reduces the risk of chronic back pain, something everyone should want to avoid.

#3 Being flexible enhances other forms of exercise like aerobic and strength training by allowing for a greater range of motion of the joints and muscles.

#4 Stretching before exercise reduces the risk of injury, and stretching after exercise releases stress and tension created in the muscles.

#5 Flexibility training improves posture and balance.

#6 Stretching stimulates transportation of nutrients and overall circulation.

I hope you’re convinced to start flexibility training as a part of your DAILY fitness routine. I certainly am!