12 DIY Skirt Patterns for All Skill Levels
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12 DIY Skirt Patterns for all Skill Levels

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Sewing is one of my favorite pastimes. I love taking the time to be creative and then ending up with something I can totally wear! Skirts are one of my favorite projects because they are so fast and easy but can make update any outfit. I’ve collected some of the best DIY skirt patterns–no matter what your skill level, I’m sure that you’ll find one you want to make!

12 DIY Skirt Patterns for All Skill Levels

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  • Janet Daniels

    Hi there from New Zealand. I’m just buying my first sewing machine and I can’t wait to try making something to wear. Please can you send me your skirt patterns. Thank you! Janet

  • Chandra

    Hi, I just made my first a line midi skirt and it turned out great ! Except the strips don’t quite meet up on the sides. I wanted a horizontal strip direction but because I followed the grain arrows on the pattern I got a diagonal that flows into a vertical at the seems. I think the width of my material wasn’t wide enough . Do you any suggestions for meeting stripes at the seems of an a line midi?

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