10 Genius Things to Do With Downy Unstoppables

Who else LOVES Downy Unstoppables? I add them to my grocery list every week under the name “Smell Good Things.” I add a sprinkle to each load of laundry that I do, but did you know that these smell goods have other uses outside the laundry room? You betcha! Here are several ways to use Downy Unstoppables outside of the laundry room.

#1: Freshen up your garbage disposal by sprinkling in a tablespoon or two. Let it sit in the disposal for several hours, and then run the disposal like you usually would.

#2: Did you know that you could put Downy Unstoppables into your candle wax warmer? I didn’t either! Add a sprinkle to the wax heater on your Scentsy. This is a cheaper alternative, and smells just as good!

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