10 FREE Activities Perfect For Summer

Summer can definitely be one of the greatest times of the year, until your kids run out of things to do and begin fighting over everything. Entertaining your kids can get to be super expensive over the course of the summer. Here are 10 amazing activities for perfect for all the frugal mamas this summer!

10 FREE Activities Perfect for Summer

5 Must-Know Tips For the New Blogger

5 Must-Know Tips for the New Blogger

Blogging is an incredible way to make some extra money on the side, all while writing about something that you love! Starting a blog could very well be the best thing that ever happens to you. Don’t let the thought of failure scare you away! When you keep these amazing tips in mind, failure won’t even be an option! Happy blogging!


1.Never Compare Yourself

This is true in life, AND in blogging! When you first begin your blogging adventure, it is unrealistic to assume your success will come overnight. Don’t expect your blog to look like one that has been online (and successful!) for years! It’s important to see what kind of blogging content is out there, but never compare someone else’s posts or follower count to your own. These things will grow and improve over time. What’s most important is that you give yourself time to grow and experiment with your writing style and blog. You’ll love that you did!

2. Brainstorm-CONSTANTLY

Brainstorm some ideas for potential blog names, article titles, and even themes for your blog. After all, it is crucial to find a niche that you really love, because after awhile the newness of the blog wears off, and you may find yourself struggling to write an article. After your blog is up and running, keep a list of potential article title ideas. This will help you keep fresh content on your site. You should see how long my list of article title ideas is! After all, content is definitely king!


3. Write When Inspired

Any great writer will tell you to always write when inspired, and this is definitely true-even for blog posts! When inspired, it is incredibly easy (and the content is almost always better) to write an amazing and inspirational post. Keep a notebook in your purse to jot down a few sentences when the mood strikes. If possible, write the entire article! You’ll love looking back at your moments of inspiration, all written down on a handy notebook!


4. Time Is Relative

It is important to realize that time is definitely relative when it comes to blogging. Almost every time I have set aside a few hours to work on my blog (writing articles, pinning, etc.) I’ve found that it ALWAYS takes me longer than planned! However, just because it is time consuming doesn’t mean that the extra time isn’t worth it. Because it is. Remember that your blog will definitely take a lot of time to get up and running, but you will love the results at the end!

5. Hosting Services Are a Necessity

Seriously. I had no idea what a hosting service was until I decided to start a blog. A hosting service is what keeps your website online and allows users to view content and comment on your posts. Without a hosting company, you’ll find that your blog isn’t very successful. There are SO many hosting companies out there, and I have tried almost all of them. Of the ones I have experimented with, I’ve found that Bluehost is definitely my favorite. Users get 24/7 customer support, and new users can get hosting for as little as $5.95 per month! Definitely a killer deal for any new bloggers!

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