15 Fun St Patrick's Day Crafts
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15 St. Patrick’s Day Crafts

St. Patrick’s Day is a good time to start looking forward to warmer weather and creating fun memories with friends and family. I love any excuse to create anything, really, so here are some of my favorite crafts for kids, teens, or adults for St. Patty’s Day. There are some fun snacking crafts as well, because no holiday is complete unless there is food involved. All of these would be an enjoyable way to celebrate the holiday!


1. Burlap and Wood Luck Sign

Is this not adorable?! And one thing I love about this idea is that the sort of can stay up all the time, because I don’t think there’s ever a time when you don’t need a little bit of luck hanging around. And that clover is super cute. See the how-to at Burton Avenue.

luck sign


2. Chalkboard Stencil Idea, St. Patrick’s Day

This idea can be used at any time of the year, for anything, and if there is one thing that I really, really like in a hectic house that I care to decorate, it’s something that is adaptable. This board can be put anywhere for a dash of class and festivity. Inspired By Giving

stencil idea

3. Paper Shamrocks

This probably seems like a given, but these are way cute and pretty simple. Shamrocks have been associated with St. Patrick’s Day for a long time, and the lucky four-leaf clover is a rare find, unless you make one, and I challenge anyone to find a four-leaf clover as cute as these. Hoosier Homemade.

Paper Shamrocks


4. St. Patrick’s Day Shirt

This craft from Multiples & More is great for young kids (yes, kids can help make these!) but I want a shirt like this too! It’s a great way for kids to get artistic and be able to wear something festive and seasonal on St. Patrick’s Day. No one can pinch them for not wearing green, that’s for sure.

st patricks day shirt

5. Loopy Rainbow

We all know that leprechauns are seeking the gold at the end of the rainbow. Sometimes we need to help them build the rainbow a little bit. This could be a good snacktime/playtime activity as well for little kids. It would help build fine motor skills, give kids a treat, and make a pretty craft to help the leprechauns find the rainbow’s end. One Artsy Mama


6. Shamrock Sprouts

With spring coming right around the corner and everyone is desperate for a little green (all kinds probably, haha) this is a fun craft to do with your kids. It would be a really cool way to let kids experience the wonder of growing their own plants, and the best part is that there is no messy dirt to deal with. Just a sponge, the antithesis to dirt. Housing a Forest.

shamrock sprouts


7. Shamrock Crystals

Another one from Housing a Forest that would be fun with kids who are a little older probably would be to create a shamrock out of home-grown crystals. This is a unique and fun idea to create a St. Paddy’s Day decoration, and learn a little science along the way.

shamrock crystals


8. St. Pat’s Lucky Gold

This one from Yesterday on Tuesday is pretty fun, especially if you are going to be entertaining for St. Patrick’s Day. This can be a cute decoration you pull out year after year (or if you’re like me, you can’t find it from year to year so you need to make a new batch every year) or that you can give away as party favors.

Lucky gold


9. Lucky Clover Pendant Necklace

These are so pretty and all-year-round I want one for myself. This would be a great craft for teens and older kids, and let’s face it, anyone who would proudly wear their luck around their neck. Maker, Baker, Glitter Shaker.

Lucky clover pendant


10. Gold Slime

Sometimes it’s the leprechauns seeking gold, and sometimes it’s kids who need slimy stuff to play with, so why not combine both? This sparkly, fun goo would probably keep a kid entertained for a long time, but be careful, because once a kid knows how to make this stuff, it will be made again and again for a long time. It is that much fun. Fun-a-Day!

Gold Slime


11. St. Patrick’s Day Playdough

For more fun sensory crafting, kids have got to play with this homemade playdough, perfect for St. Patrick’s Day. This will keep little hands busy for a long while. Oh, and I think that this recipe is hilarious from Just a Pinch Recipes, because it’s St. Patrick’s Day! Get it?

St P Playdough


12. Rainbow Pudding

This recipe from Make: is a super fun idea for cooking with kids and teaching them about cooking. Plus, it’s very fun and colorful and would be a lovely dessert to have with your St. Pat’s Day dinner.

Rainbow Pudding


13. Leprechaun Popcorn Hat

This is such a fun, simple idea for kids to do for a craft and get a snack out of it also. My family has a movie for almost every holiday, but we are still working on one for St. Patrick’s Day. Hopefully your family has one, because this would be the perfect family snackdish for the day! saving said simply



14. Leprechaun Hat Treats

Another super-fun hat idea for St. Patrick’s Day is this treat to hand out to friends, family, and coworkers, and is another kid-friendly project. Who doesn’t love cookies and M&Ms, and clever design? It’s also very festive and probably adaptable to more than one holiday. Sun Scholars.

Leprechaun hat treats


15. Lucky Charms Treats

No St. Patrick’s Day list can be complete without something having to do with Lucky Charms, and these treats from Bloom Designs are simple to make (a lot like Rice Krispy Treats) and de-licious. Everyone will be after the Lucky Charms if they come in this form.

lucky charms treats


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