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Super Cute And Easy DIY Hanger Snowflakes That You Won’t Get Hung Up On

I love a good holiday DIY project, especially ones that are super cheap and incredibly easy to make. Just the other day, I was scouring Dollar Tree looking for cheap crafts supplies when I stumbled on a pack of plastic hangers. Suddenly, an idea hit me. If arranged correctly, those hangers could end up looking like a really epic snowflake. All you need are the right tools, I’ll explain how to do the rest below! Keep reading for my DIY hanger snowflakes.

I absolutely love snow. Snowflakes just make me happy. Maybe it's because they remind me of my childhood and building snowmen, or maybe it's because the snow is so picturesque. Either way, I know an easy DIY snowflake made from hangers and zip ties that you need to try. They look simply stunning and so real. Hang them inside or out. Keep reading for more info about these adorable snowflakes. Did I mention they also make great gifts? #DIYhangersnowflakes #DIYholidaycrafts #snowflakes

Here’s What You’ll Need To Make DIY Hanger Snowflakes:

-Plastic hangers (for this DIY hanging snowflake you can use adult or kids hangers)

-Metallic spray paint

Zip ties

-Glitter (optional)

-Mod Podge (optional)

DIY hanger snowflakes are really easy to make. All you need are hangers and zip ties. Try out this fun DIY craft this winter.

Step One

For the base of the snowflake, use 8 hangers. Pair them two at a time, so the long bottom sides are together. Repeat the process four times, or until all 8 hangers are used. Arrange the four pairs so that the hook of the hanger is facing away from the center. It should create a design like a snowflake arm when done correctly. Repeat the process so that all eight hangers are used and all are arranged into a pretty snowflake. See my image below if you are confused!

Have you ever made DIY hanger snowflakes? They are super simple and super cute. Learn just how easy it is to make these cute winter decor items.

Step Two

Repeat the process listed above with eight more hangers. But this time, when you place the pairs, place them so that they fit in between the already-arranged hangers. Basically, you’re going to create another snowflake out of hangers that goes the opposite way so that it fills the snowflake out nicely. Check out my image below if you needed some clarity.

Do you have a few extra hangers and zip ties laying around? Perfect! You can make these DIY hanger snowflakes. They are so cute and easy to make.

Step Three

Zip tie the center of the snowflake together where the hangers all meet. However, don’t pull the zip ties tightly just yet, leave them pretty loose, with the end untrimmed for the time being. Next, apply zip ties where the hooks of the hanger meet the other snowflakes. Once all of the zip ties are in place, you can begin tightening them down and then cutting off the long ends. Make sure all of your hangers are perfectly in place before tightening the ties! This will be the backside of your project.

Have you ever made snowflakes out of hangers? They are so cute and easy. Learn how to make DIY hanger snowflakes.

Step Four (optional)

Now, take your snowflake somewhere with good ventilation (an open garage would be perfect) and coat the project in a layer of spray paint. You can pick whatever color you’d like, but I recommend something like a metallic sliver. Once the paint has dried, you can cover your hangers in a layer of Mod Podge and glitter. Finish off the project with some accessories that cover the zip ties. Weren’t these Dollar Tree DIY hanger snowflakes so easy to create?

You will not believe how easy these snowflakes are to make. Not to mention, everyone will love them. Learn how to make these adorable DIY hanger snowflakes.

For a smaller snowflake, you can use kids sized hanger. I hope you enjoy your DIY hanger snowflakes!

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