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Budget Friendly Rustic Christmas Crafts

Looking for a great way to decorate your house for the holidays at a fraction of the cost? Try one of these awesome rustic Christmas crafts. They’re incredibly easy to whip up and they look incredible in just about any home. Keep reading below for these easy rustic Christmas craft tutorials.
Christmas can often be a time of stress because of the expense. It doesn't need to be that way with these rustic Christmas crafts that are budget friendly. Save money and make some of the cutest decor ever. Ready? Let's do it! Keep reading for more ideas. Merry Christmas. #rusticchristmascrafts #DIYholiday #budgetfriendlycrafts
Rustic Christmas Crafts: Candy Canes
These rustic candy canes are the perfect vase filler, Christmas ornament, or mantelpiece decor. To create, you’ll need to pick up several plastic candy canes from the dollar store. Once you have those, you can wrap fabric scraps around your candy canes, taking care to secure them with hot glue as you go. This is a great way to turn your fabric scraps into something adorable for Christmas. Plus, this is one of the cheapest craft projects ever.
Making your own ornaments for Christmas is one of the best things you can do as a family. These rustic Christmas crafts are so much fun and easy to do.
Rustic Christmas Crafts: Ornaments
There are so many different Christmas ornaments you can make for practically no money at all. My favorite are these cinnamon sticks Christmas trees. To create, pick up several large cinnamon sticks from your local grocery store and attach a bit of ribbon around them so that you can easily hang them. Once complete, finish off the project with strategically placed ribbons so that they look like tree branches. Secure what is needed with hot glue and then enjoy on your tree. The best part is that these smell amazing, too! Full tutorial here
Rustic Christmas Crafts: Pinecones
I remember doing this exact project as a fourth-grader. We then gifted our creation to our parents, and my mom STILL puts hers up every year. Find a pinecone that will fit nicely into a small terra cotta pot. Paint the pot in your desired shade (I picked red) and dip your pinecone in a bucket of white (or green, depending on your style) so that it fully covers the pinecone. Wait for both to fully dry. When dried, hot glue a bit of floral foam into the base of your pot. Once dry, you will then want to glue the pinecone to the floral foam. It should start to look like a Christmas tree! Once the glue has dried, decorate your tree with small beads, pom poms, or anything else that looks like ornaments. You could even make more than one so that you have a collection of tiny trees. Pretty cute huh?

If you're anything like me and my family, you love making crafts. These rustic Christmas crafts are so much fun and easy to do.

Rustic Christmas Crafts: Wood Blocks
Last year, I saw these wooden block advent calendars everywhere and I KNEW that I had to make my own. You’ll need a cute stencil to paint your numbers on, as well as some scrap wood to create that blocks, and your favorite bit of paint of course. You can find the full tutorial here. 
If you're looking for some fun Christmas crafts for your kiddos, that are easy to do, I've got you covered. These rustic Christmas crafts are so much fun to make!

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