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35 Valentine Ideas that Aren’t Candy

After Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, most kids don’t need any more sugar or candy in their bodies. Instead of spending lots of money on buying sugary goods, here are some fun and clever non-candy Valentine ideas!


This is probably more for teachers, but you can definitely use it for a classroom. Get little rulers that are small enough for kids to fit in their backpacks but still be useful!



Whether it’s an orange, apple, or even a pear, fruit are great options for non-candy Valentine gift ideas. Put a “punny” little sticker on the fruit and you’re good!



Everybody loves to play with Play-Doh. Surprise your valentine or a classroom of kids with a fun and creative Play-Doh valentine gift!



Get little toy animals and stick them to a Valentine card! You can use as many animals as you want and come up with all sorts of fun things to write.


Love Bugs

Little toy insects are also a great Valentine’s gift idea! Just attach them to a cute little card and they’re for sure going to be a big success.


Friendship Bracelets

Kids are all about physical representations of their friendship, and there’s nothing better than a friendship bracelet to do that!


Bouncy Balls

Playing with a bouncy ball never gets olds. Put one in a plastic bag, attach a cute little tag and then hand them out to all the kids.


Trail Mix

Trail mix is a yummy and healthy alternative to sugary candies and other treats. Put some trail mix in little snack bags and give them out.


Glow Stick

Believe it or not, glow sticks are actually a great and even popular option for a non-candy Valentine gift. There are tons of tags you can attack to it, so just choose one you love.



You can never have too many pens or pencils, especially for kids at school. Come up with a clever tag for it and you’re good to go.



While it may be too cold to be outside for long, blowing bubbles is a fun activity just long enough to do outside. This may be a little spendy for a big class, but it’s definitely a creative idea.



Race cars are a quick and easy non-candy Valentine gift that everyone can enjoy. Just attach the car to the paper and you’re done.



We can all find fun places to put stickers. Give out homemade stickers or Valentine’s themed ones and see where the kids put them.


Crazy Straws

This is the Valentine’s gift that keeps on giving! People can use crazy straws all throughout the year and are reusable so it never runs out!


Joke Cards

Give a classroom of kids a good laugh by giving them joke cards for Valentine’s Day! They’ll love it for sure and be smiling all day long!



Coloring is a fun activity that most (if not all) kids enjoy. Help spread the joy by using a box of crayons as a fun Valentine’s Day gift.



Use Goldfish as a healthy alternative to candy and sugary treats. They’re tasty and enjoyable and kids will be fuller and healthier!



With colds and sickness going around, Valentine’s Day is a great time to make sure kids are being clean and sanitary. Give sanitizer as a gift and everyone will appreciate it.


Matching Game

This is always a fun game, so help spread the joy by giving them out on Valentine’s Day. You can make your own, buy some, or just print them from the Internet.


Picture Frame

While you can’t do this for a lot of people, it’s an awesome idea for a few close friends and family member. If you want, you can even put your picture in it if it’s for a significant other or close family member.



What a fun idea! Here’s an awesome do-it-yourself craft that you can make for anyone you want to give a gift to on Valentine’s Day! Dye it fun Valentine’s Day colors, too.



Not only is this a healthy Valentine’s Day treat, but it also has the PERFECT name for making an easy tag. Just put the Cutie in a bag, attach the tag, and you’re good!


Magnifying Glass

Every kid has dreamed, at least once, of being a spy or private investigator. Help fulfill that dream by giving them their very own magnifying glass.


Nacho Chips

While it may not be the healthiest option, nacho chips don’t have as much sugar and they provide tons of funny tag ideas you can use.


“Some Bunny”

Use cheddar bunnies and make a cute “some BUNNY loves you” tag for all your friends.


Maze Game

This is a light and portable game that isn’t too expensive and can kill time when needed. It can also foster a little friendly competition, which is always good on Valentine’s Day.


Sea Creature

Whether it’s a fish, a crab, or an octopus, these fun sea creature Valentine’s gifts are great for a classroom full of curious kids!



This is such a simple, cheap, and quick Valentine’s Day gift that everyone can find joy from. Get balloons that are red, pink, and white to match other Valentine’s decorations.



Highlighters are one of those things that people never seem to buy but always end up getting as a gift or office present. Use a highlighter with an attached funny card and you’ve got Valentine’s mastered!



Raisins are an extremely yummy and healthy candy option for Valentine’s Day. Attach a fun little note and you can feel good that you’re promoting good health!



These may be a little expensive, but they’re a great option to candy. Plus, they’re a great lunch companion so you know they’ll be put to good use!


Pet Rock

If you’re making Valentine’s gifts for younger kids, then a pet rock may be just what they need. You can paint them with your family to make fun and cute rocks for everyone to enjoy.


Crayon Heart

If you have a lot of extra crayons just sitting around your house, consider making adorable crayon hearts! You just need to melt them together and let them cool!


Mad Libs

Help people stretch their imagination and get a good laugh with cute mad libs for everyone to enjoy. It doesn’t take much money or time at all.


Lip Balm

During the cold wintery season, lip balm is exactly what some people need. Attach a cute note and see people’s eyes gleam with joy!



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