Valentines Day Slime that Kids Will Love

When my kiddos asked me to help them make “slime”  a few months ago, it was safe to say that I was a little confused! Slime? What the heck is this slime? “Slime” as it turns out is a great sensory for kids of all ages. You can find edible ones, and holiday specific slimes. Since you’re already here…keep reading for a few of my kiddo’s favorite slime recipes. Give them as a Valentines Day surprise, or have your kids help. It’s tons of fun either way.

This slime looks good enough to eat! White glue and liquid starch give the slime it’s thickness. Use pink coloring and regular ‘ole crafting glitter(or edible sprinkles, just be sure this slime isn’t eaten!) for festive flecks of red!

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