Totally Genius Ways to Reuse Old Candle Jars

My husband and kids love to make fun of me because I have a candle-buying addiction. Guys, I’m not even kidding. I can hardly be trusted to venture into Target, Bath and Body, or any other candle selling store, because I will likely return with the entire store in my shopping bags. Throughout all of my years of “candle loving” I’ve developed quite the collection of empty candle jars. These are just a few ways I love to repurpose and reuse them!

One of my favorite ways to reuse old candle jars is to use them as storage! Clean the wax out (using this tutorial)  and turn your old candle jars into incredible storage containers. Candle jars are great for storing everything from Q-Tips to rubber stamps. This candle jar idea is from Dwell Beautiful.

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