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Genius Makeup Tips From the Pros

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Makeup is tricky. I’m always trying to find a better way to get the look I want. Surprisingly, there are some genius–yet very simple–ways to improve your look. I’ve gathered together some of these ideas so that you can try…

6 Best non-smudge eyeliners

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Eyeliner can really make a difference in your makeup routine. The trick is finding an eyeliner that won’t smudge. The only thing worse than no eyeliner is smudged eyeliner. I’ve found some of the very best non-smudge eyeliners for you…

10 Best Makeup Primers

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The foundation of your makeup routine should be . . . your foundation! In order to have perfect foundation, you first need perfect primer. It needs to be comfortable, durable, and beautiful. Spend some time finding the one that works…