DIY Makeup Remover Solutions

DIY Makeup Remover Solutions

Looking for a way to remove your makeup with natural products that are probably lying around your house? Look no further! Check out these recipes:

Tips for Beating Dry Winter Skin

Whether it’s your face, your scalp, or your hands, chances are you’re drying out somewhere as the weather gets colder. Here are some great ways to keep your skin moist and healthy this winter:

5 of the BEST Fruits and Why

5 Fruits that are super healthy for your body!

Going along with the last post about healthy veggies, I thought I would some research on fruits too! I’m more of a fruit girl anyway). Here are 5 fruits that you should really have in your diet and you will…

5 of the Healthiest Veggies and Why

5 Healthy Vegetables You NEED in Your Diet (1)

I have recently committed myself to eating healthier and for me that means more fruits and veggies! I want to fill my body with what it needs to function properly. I was curious about what veggies are the best for…

How to Stop Your Pimple-Popping Habit

I know it’s embarrassing, but let’s admit we all do this from time to time (or all the time). It can be really hard not to pick at your pimples, and personally, I even do it without noticing sometimes! But…