How to Reuse and Repurpose Your Old Keurig Cups

I’m kind of a self-proclaimed coffee addict…and I can’t even help myself! With little kids that have to be ready (and out the door) by a certain time every morning, mama needs her caffeine! A few years ago, my darling husband gifted me with the ever fantastic Keurig coffee maker. And I have been in love ever since. It’s quick, easy, and seriously delicious every morning. But those of you with a Keurig coffee maker might be wondering; how can I repurpose those Keurig coffee cups? Don’t fret! I have tons of ideas for you!

These Christmas trees look like they cost a fortune, but really you just need a painted pinecone, and an old Keurig cup. Paint the Keurig cup silver, to look like a terra cotta pot. Naturally, you’ll need a tree topper! Learn how at Scissors and Spoons. 

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