How to Make Your Home Office Highly Efficient

I’ve been fortunate enough to work from home for a large majority of my adult life. I love the freedom of setting my own hours, and wearing what I want to work. Hello, pajamas! Over the last few years I’ve mastered the art of making my home office highly effective, and a few organization tools are all that you need to make it happen!

In this office space from Martha Stewart, a floating shelf makes a dramatic difference. Use a shelf like this one to display small collectables, or use it to keep paperwork organized!

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2 comments for “How to Make Your Home Office Highly Efficient

  1. vicki cedillo
    September 3, 2017 at

    well this is stupid or is it me I clicked on home and office organization all I got was a picture and noway to see the other 15 pictures

    • Amber
      October 9, 2017 at

      Not entirely sure what you mean! Sorry. Did you notice that it was a slide show?

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