Fun Tie Dye Crafts for Summer

When I was growing up, my Mom would host a “tie dye” party at the beginning of the summer. Naturally, all of the neighborhood kids would be invited in on the fun! It was a whole lot of a mess, a whole lot of fun, and our creations were the most fun to wear! Now that my kids are old enough to have this kind of fun, I’m planning a tie dye party for this coming Saturday! If you are thinking of hosting one of your own, here are a few great crafts to inspire your guests!

Tie Dye Garland (and tons of other projects) from Stephanie Lynn

This is truly a decoration fit for a Summer camp cabin, and that’s why it’s seriously fabulous. Use a variety of different dying methods and colors to create this funky craft! Stephanie breaks down a few of her favorite methods for you!

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