10 GENIUS Things to Do With Dry Erase Markers

I can’t be the only one who used to LOVE writing with Dry Erase markers as a kid. It was so fun to feel how smoothly the ink would go on! Although I’m an adult now, I still love to use dry erase markers whenever I can. You can’t miss these dry erase marker hacks!

1. Use dry erase markers to label your frozen foods. Write what it is and the date purchased. The marker will wipe right off when you’re done.

2.Do you always forget something at home in the mornings? Never forget it again by writing what you need for the day on your bathroom mirror with a dry erase marker. They wipe right off!

1 comment for “10 GENIUS Things to Do With Dry Erase Markers

  1. Ken
    January 14, 2018 at

    Okay, I’m a teacher who uses tons of dry erase markers. I’ve been totally clueless to most of these tricks; they’re really slick. Thanks for the great site.

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