10 Craft Supplies to Buy from the Dollar Store

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Dollar Store crafts are fun and well…cheap! Dollar store crafts are great, but the amount of money you save at the Dollar Store is definitely even better. Instead of picking up your craft supply basics at big box store, purchase them from Dollar Tree instead. You can save a fortune if you buy most of your craft supplies from the Dollar Store. Here’s what I usually pick up:

Glass Jars

The Dollar Store is the perfect place to pick up any glass jars. Keep an eye out for mason jars, glass votives, or even a few candle holders. With the right kind of filler, you never know what kind of centerpiece you could make!

Basic Craft Supplies

Head to the Dollar Store for basic craft supplies like glitter paints, cotton balls, glue sticks, and more. The quality may not be EXACTLY the same as what you’d get at Michaels, but sometimes you really can’t tell!

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1 comment for “10 Craft Supplies to Buy from the Dollar Store

  1. Nanette Ettinger
    April 17, 2018 at

    I’ve always found Dollar Tree an interesting place to shop because of their store policy of every item costing $1.00 each or under. Usually, I shop their before I go to other grocery store chains because of this policy.

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