10 Beauty Hacks That Will Get You Out the Door FAST

Mornings are the worst! I don’t know of a single person that actually looks forward to the sound of their alarm going off (unless it’s like Christmas or something). However, the only thing WORSE than your alarm going off are those moments where it DOESN’T go off. If you forgot to set your alarm, or simply didn’t hear it go off, here are a few beauty hacks that will get you out the door in record time!

#1: When getting ready fast, pick a foundation that has a BB creme included. When you pick one that works for your skin tone. With the added moisturizer, you’ll eliminate several other steps throughout your face routine.

#2: Keep your eyeshadow simple! Use a pallet with neutral colors all within the same palette. You’ll never have to experiment with your eyeshadow again! With a go-to palette, you can get out the door, in no time at all.

10 Beauty Hacks That Will Get You Out the Door FAST| Beauty Hacks, Beauty Tips, Beauty Hacks DIY, Makeup, Makeup Tips, Health and Beauty

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